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Customer Reviews & Stories

Fantastic shop. I brought my vehicle in to get checked out before a road trip to Canada. Charlie was extremely helpful in getting me set up with an appointment, Neal was wonderful when it came to explaining what work was required, and Bob, who did the work on the car, was fantastic when it came to the actual service performed as well as when I went for a brief drive with him to show him some issues I was experiencing. A+ staff in terms of clarity and organization, and A+ service.

- K.S.

This repair facility is the best !! Professional !! With great communication with the customer ! They take the time to fix the car the right way, the first time with the needs of the customer coming first!!

- M.O.

I've been bringing my 1998 VW Cabrio to New Canaan Foreign Car since 2002, after the VW dealer I bought it from twice failed to diagnose and repair a knocking noise from the front suspension.

NCFC took care of that issue and became my first choice for regular servicing and numerous other repairs over the years. I always considered the charges fair and the service excellent.

The most recent service (3/2016) included replacement of timing belt, tensioner, water pump etc. I knew this would likely be expensive so obtained quotes from other local repair shops (Norwalk - Stamford) and the VW dealer in Stamford

NCFC quoted $200 more than the cheapest repair shop and $700 less than the dealer. Aside from knowing NCFC would do the job well I was happy to spend a few extra $$ to support a local business that helps pay my property taxes.

Thank you Neal and everyone at New Canaan Foreign Car.

- L.P.

We have been using New Canaan Foreign Car for our services since we moved here 4 years ago and they have never disappointed. They are courteous, always willing to make time for a crisis, always efficient in repairs and they get the job done right the first time. Neal runs a solid operation and is always so kind and helpful, there are times i would be lost without them as they have bailed me out of more than one emergency!!! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for services done with the most professional team around. Thanks again for helping to get us back on the road quickly!!

- M.B.

Dear Mark and Lucia,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the level of service you’ve always provided on our Jetta over the years. In addition to keeping the car running strong, you made our service appointments easy, and diagnostics were always right on - no trial and error with multiple trips back in for service. Kudos to the team at NCFC for their knowledge, honesty and professionalism! Thanks Again!

- Don Lacerenza

I drive a Land Rover Defender 110 and New Canaan Foreign Car has done an excellent job of keeping it running smoothly. They are smart, communicative, and keep working until everything runs smoothly. My plan is to be a customer for a long time.

- C.D

These folks take care of two Audi vehicles for me. One is just off dealer service and the other is a classic, almost twenty years old with very low mileage.

Their attention to detail, and concern about safety is remarkable. Knowledge level is very high. (Actually, the experience surpasses that provided by the dealer.)

They take a personal interest in every customer, providing a feeling of great comfort. And always "on time". They do what they say they will do. It is a pleasure to work with the entire staff.

- G.R.

Top Flight Shop!

They diagnosed and fixed a complex problem involving an alternator and an oil leak on my 1988 Mercedes. Subsequently, another related problem arose that I had to have repaired while I was out of state. When I informed them, they sent me a check to cover the repair the other shop made. That's integrity and great service.

Brian Geery

"I just wanted to write a quick note about New Canaan Foreign Car Service. They are in the process of taking care of my BMW that sat for a while without being driven. Helena has been great to deal with and her team is working on everything they can to help me avoid a hefty repair charge. They even took off $25 off the price of a new battery since I am a new customer.

BMWs are very hard to fix if not taken to the dealer and I appreciate Helena's persistence in helping me get through this situation without having to break the bank. If you are new to the New Canaan area please check out New Canaan Foreign Car Service, you won't be disappointed!"

Meghan C.

"Dear Mark and Lucy,

This letter is long overdue. My Husband and I moved to new Canaan 13 years ago and were lucky enough to find you to service our cars. Whether it was a Volvo, Audi, Mercedes or Toyota, you took care of all of our automotive needs. I have complete faith and trust in your judgment. It is a pleasure to work with people who are so knowledgeable and honest, and who go out of their way to make sure the customer is satisfied. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us that is above and beyond what is expected in the automotive repair business. You both are truly a credit to your profession. I will never have our cars serviced anywhere else!"

(Name withheld by request)

"Dear Mark and Lucy,
The Dynamic Duo of New Canaan!

This is a long overdue letter of thanks to both of you for all that you have done for me and my various car problems over the years. There is no one specific instance, (there have been so many) that I want to thank you for, but rather for my overall feeling of trust and confidence in both of you and your entire organization.

Mark has been personally taking care of all my automobile problems himself or making sure that the best member of the your team got the job done right the first time _ at a price that's fair to both of us. Who could ask for anything more? I trust mark so much that whenever i need a new car, I either buy it from him or have him check it over before I buy it from someone else.

Lucy always follows up with a telephone call after the work has been completed just to make sure everything is ok. For most people, such a call takes a lot of courage in this day and age, but Lucy already knows the answer to her question before she asks it. Now that's a real smart lady!

The bottom line is that I enthusiastically recommend New Canaan Foreign Car to everyone.

With many thanks and LOTS of gratitude,"
(Name withheld by request)

"Dear Mark & Luci:

Just wanted you to know how much I have appreciated your service to my 1980 240D Mercedes Benz., your professional, friendly manner has made the upkeep of my vehicle a pleasant experience.

You made me aware of problems, but never pushed for unnecessary, costly repairs. After each maintenance visit I could always count on a follow-up call to see if the car was performing well. You and your staff have always been most accommodating, making certain that a loaner was always available to me.

After driving the Mercedes for twenty-five years, I have decided to donate the car to charity. With your help the car has served my family well. I miss driving the Mercedes, and I will miss your friendly service as well.

Thank You.


Roslyn (Last name withheld by request)

"Dear Mark,

Last month, you serviced my 1997 Audi and an honest error occurred. You performed a minor tune-up on the car, when all that it required was an oil change. When I offered to pay a portion of the charges, as you had certainly improved the condition of the car with new spark plugs, filters and adjustments, you refused. Instead, you took full responsibility for the error, and eliminated those charges from my invoice.

Not surprisingly, the car runs beautifully since the tune-up. And, not surprisingly, you gained another long-term customer.

All the best,"
(Name withheld by request)

"I had recently moved to the New Canaan area and needed some help on my 9 yo. BMW. Not only were they very accommodating, but they fixed a problem the BMW dealer had said to ignore. Additionally, Halina was exeptional. I am telling everyone to use this company."

Google User

"NCFC solved a problem that had been plaguing our MB C220 for a long time. They did not give up on it until they found a solution. All the while, Lucia, Mark and Halina provided excellent, courteous and professional service. Highly recommended."

Google User

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