New Canaan Foreign Car, european and classic automobile repair shop in New Canaan CT

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New Canaan Foreign Car, european and classic automobile repair shop in New Canaan CT

Auto Repair Services

New Canaan Foreign Car, european and classic automobile repair shop in New Canaan CT

New Canaan Foreign Car Service Inc. is a family-run professional service company devoted to the care and upkeep of fine European and classic automobiles. In the course of our 43 years in business, we've developed a service philosophy designed to keep your car in top shape. Our good reputation is based on the details of your car's service. These services are appropriate for all cars, including Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo and other high performance European, Asian and American vehicles.

When a mechanical item fails while driving your car, it will usually cost you far more in time and money than if that item was replaced when it was worn, rather than worn out and broken.

Our philosophy is to offer fair value repairs and preventative maintenance to keep you and your family safe and free from breakdowns. We safety check every car that comes into our shop and we try to spot any worn components before they become a problem. We offer optimum value in our estimates by not only replacing the worn part, but by replacing any other worn parts in the same system. This is how we prevent your car from breaking down unexpectedly – we keep it in the same reliable condition as when it left the showroom floor!

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No Problem to Big or Small

We can handle your problems big or small. We handle everything from light bulbs and oil changes to major engine repair and sophisticated computer and electrical diagnosis. Our Technicians provide years of dealership training and experience to your specific vehicles needs without compromising our core value of personal care. Our comprehensive service center is equipped to fulfill all of your automotive needs.

Preventive Maintenance

The best way to minimize more serious breakdowns and the higher costs associated with automotive repair is by doing routine maintenance.

Preventive vehicle maintenance is simply what the manufacturer of your vehicle suggests getting done to keep your vehicle going. Whether you have a car or SUV we provide the maintenance services to keep it running well.

Oil & Oil Filter Service

As our mission is to provide New Canaan, CT and the surrounding areas with a place that takes care of all their vehicle needs, we provide oil changes for all cars and SUVs. We additionally offer a complimentary vehicle inspection with your oil change as we care about your safety.

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Rental Car Services

Rental cars are available at a special discounted rate of $40 a day for our customers. The rental company will pick you up from our shop or at your home.

Maintenance Reminder Light

With the recent purchase of automotive factory computer diagnostic hardware & software we are able to reset your maintenance light for nearly all makes and models.

Check Engine Light Malfunction Indicator Lamps

We at New Canaan Foreign Car have made a significant investment in our technicians with the latest training and purchase of factory diagnostic computer equipment. With the training and knowledge we will diagnose and repair problems with these systems with few exceptions.

Check Engine Light Malfunction

The Malfunction Indicator (MIL), Check Engine, Service Engine Soon or similar lamps are used to indicate that a monitored fuel, ignition or emission related system is malfunctioning. On most vehicles, the lamp will light for a few seconds after the vehicle is first started as a bulb check, then the lamp should then turn off. If the lamp remains lit or flashes after the bulb check has been completed, a malfunction may be present in one of the monitored systems. Any vehicle which lights its indicator lamp while the engine is operating should be suspected of having a malfunctioning monitored system.

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Electrical Diagnosis

Safety, Steering, Suspension, Tire Monitor & Brake Warning Lights. Some of these warning indicators are SRS, ESP,ASR,TPS & ABS. With our factory computer diagnostic hardware & software we can diagnose these problems with few exceptions.

Brake Repair & Service

Brakes wear out over time requiring service. How long your brakes last is based on various things such as driving conditions, personal driving habits and other vehicle factors. For this reason, it is necessary to service your brakes regularly. We are familiar with the driving conditions here in New Canaan and your specific vehicle needs. So we provide a complimentary inspection with every service to make sure that any problem is brought to your attention before it becomes a major concern.

Wheel Alignment & Tire Balance: Costs, Benefits and Information

What is the difference between wheel alignment & wheel balance?

Wheel alignment is the position of the wheels relative to the car body. It is part of standard maintenance which consists of adjusting the relative angles of the tires so that they are set to the manufacturer's optimal specification. The names of the most common alignment adjustments are camber, caster and toe. A car out of alignment may pull to one side or the other, quickly cause premature tie wear and loss of fuel economy.

Most European cars on the road today should have a Four Wheel alignment. A four wheel alignment adjusts and aligns all four wheels. Getting all four tires aligned is especially important when buying 4 new tires. A Two Wheel alignment only adjusts and aligns the front tires.

Wheel balancing is a procedure that ensures that the weight of the tire is distributed evenly to improve performance and reduce wear. Wheels are balanced individually on a machine with lead weight added to the wheel to balance it. Unbalanced tires can cause vibration in the steering wheel or may be felt in your seat. Typically you will feel unbalanced tire vibration between 40-45MPH and 60-65MPH.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Properly aligned tires will save you money especially when today’s high performance tires can cost as much as $500 each. When tires are properly aligned the car will handle better and improve traction. Correct wheel alignment reduces tire wear, improves driving control and braking performance. Most of the time, for less than the cost of a single tire, you can have a wheel alignment performed on all four wheels, greatly extending your tire life and gas mileage. Most importantly proper wheel alignment ensures your vehicle operates safely.

Benefits of Rotating and Balancing Tires

When tires are rotated they should also be balanced, if not the car likely will develop a shimmy. Rotating and balancing the tires extends the life of the tires and allows them to wear evenly.

How Often Should You Get Your Wheels Aligned?

If the tires show abnormal wear on the edges, the steering wheel is off center or you feel the car wanders to one side or the other at highway speeds, then you should have the wheels aligned.

In general every 10,000 miles, although we suggest more frequently if you drive on roads that have pot holes or uneven payment.

Over time, a vehicle will go out of alignment. The steering tie-rod ends, suspension ball joints and suspension control arms either wear out or fall out of adjustment. Moreover, hitting a pothole or banging into a curb can often throw a vehicle out of alignment as well.

How Often Should You Get Your Tires Rotated and Balanced?

A rule of thumb would be every other time your car comes in for an oil change if the oil change interval is 3,000 miles or for cars that use synthetic oil with longer intervals have the tires rotated and balanced with each oil change.

Overall wheels that are aligned and tires that are rotated and balanced at regular intervals will save you money and keep you safer. Keep in mind that a set of four tires can cost as much as $1,500 installed. With regular maintenance of wheels and tires you should save money in the long run.

Transmission Service & Repair

The transmission may well be one of the most complicated and important components of your car or truck. That's why it's important to trust its maintenance and repair to a full-service shop. There are a number of problems that can be resolved simply while others may require a complete transmission overhaul. Our skilled mechanics have the training and expertise to properly diagnose your transmission problem and get you back on the road.

Emergency Repairs

We are here for any kind of trouble with your car or SUV. We know your vehicle breaking down can be frustrating and even worse it can leave you stranded. So we provide the best service we can to make you feel at ease during such a time. If you ever need emergency vehicle service, call us. We provide towing in addition to repairing your vehicle so you can relax and let us take care of it.

Some Of The Automotive Maintenance, Repairs & Services We Offer

  • Oil & Oil Filter Changes
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Antique & Classic Auto Repair & Maintenance
  • Tune-Up
  • Transmission Service
  • Diagnose & Repair Check Engine Lights
  • Emissions System Repairs
  • Electrical Diagnosis
  • Engine Decarburization
  • Brakes
  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • Batteries
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning
    • Heating System
    • Air Conditioning
    • Suspension
    • Drive Axles
    • U-joints
    • Warning Indicators
  • Check Engine Light
  • Service Engine Soon
  • Maintenance Required
  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp
  • ABS
  • SRS
  • ESP
  • Traction Control
  • Pre Purchase Inspections
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
  • Power Windows & Doors
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
  • Exhaust System & Mufflers
  • Air Conditioning
  • Timing Belts
  • Transmission Service
  • Tune-up
  • Oil Change
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Tire Repair
  • Tire Mounting & Balance
  • Alignments
  • Body Work
  • Buy and Sell Cars
  • Steering
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Fix Rattles, Squeaks & Bangs
  • Radiators
  • Water Pumps
  • Wheel Balance
  • Scheduled Maintenance
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